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Bankruptcy Filings Drop 12% in 2013

January 31st, 2014

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For the year 2013, bankruptcies totaled 1,107,699 for the country.  That number is roughly 150,000, or 12%, down from the year 2012.

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Target Credit Card Breach

January 30th, 2014


The Missouri Attorney General has warned consumers to be cautious in providing personal or financial information over the phone or in response to emails regarding the Target credit and debit card breach. It is suspected that fraudsters are trying to trick victims into giving them more information. For more information on the Target data breach, check out:

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Missouri doesn’t respect Kansas jail time

January 28th, 2014


Missouri provides a credit for jail time served if the jail is also in Missouri. Confinement in a Kansas jail is not subject to the credit. For more
information check out this case: Missouri Supreme Court- SC93366

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Turn those headlights on

January 24th, 2014


Driving at night without headlights is probable cause for an officer to stop you. Turn on your headlights, it’s the smart thing to do.

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Default ain’t my fault

January 21st, 2014

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If you do not receive written notice of a trial setting, then you are entitled to setting aside the default judgment or obtaining a new trail. To read what happened to James Massa, check out this case:

Missouri Court of Appeals, Southern District- SD 32119

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A Federal Judge Hates the Burning Man Settlement

January 8th, 2014


U.S. District Court Senior Judge Robert C. Jones has threatened the lawyers in the Burning Man Case in Reno, Nevada that they should go back to law school or be disbarred. The judge has stated that the settlement between the parties is virtually a fraud on the Federal Court and the county commission. Judge Jones stated “it is absurd and it is illegal”. Be sure to check out this case later on to find out more fun quotes from Judge Jones.

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Kansas mortgage fee? Nuh-uh

January 7th, 2014


The Kansas Bankers Association and Kansas realtors are fighting Johnson County, KS to eliminate the county fees to register property bought using a mortgage. County officials want to keep the fee because it makes the county an estimated $47 million a year in revenue. The Kansas mortgage registration fee is currently set at $0.26 for every $100 borrowed. If you have an opinion on this matter, feel free to let Johnson County Commission Chairman Ed Eilert know.

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Wait! Are you an employee?

January 3rd, 2014


The IRS and the Obama administration are making an effort to crack down on worker misclassification. Most employers would prefer to classify their workers as independent contractors in order to save on payroll taxes, benefits, insurance, and employment laws. However, there are things to consider when classifying a worker as an independent contractor. If you misclassify a worker, the IRS can treat the worker as an employee and then go after the employer for back taxes. When hiring staff, be sure to consult with a tax attorney.

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Check out the Missouri Landlord/Tenant Handbook by Camron Hoorfar

January 2nd, 2014


Follow the link below to sample and purchase the Missouri Landlord/Tenant Handbook by Camron Hoorfar: