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Withdrawing a Guilty Plea

May 27th, 2015

If you have pled guilty to a crime and later wish to withdraw that guilty plea, you will have to show that your guilty plea was based on fraud, mistake, misapprehension, coercion, fear, persuasion, or the holding out of false hopes.  It may be difficult to withdraw a guilty plea, but it is not impossible.  If you pled guilty to a crime that you wish to withdraw, contact our office at 816-524-4949 or

Bankruptcy Filings are Down

May 21st, 2015

bankruptcy 2

When comparing the first quarter of 2015 with the first quarter of 2014, bankruptcy filings have dropped 12%.  Both personal bankruptcies and business bankruptcies have decreased from 2014 to 2015.  This could be a sign that the economy is getting better.  Or it could be a sign that the economy is worsening and that bankruptcy is becoming unaffordable for more and more people.  If you are thinking of filing for bankruptcy and are looking for affordable assistance, contact our office at 816-524-4949 or

Gay Marriage Does Not Terminate Alimony

May 20th, 2015

Under Missouri law, a person who is paying alimony or maintenance to their former spouse can stop paying alimony once their former spouse re-marries.  However, because Missouri does not recognize gay marriages, if the former spouse enters into a gay marriage, the person must continue to pay the alimony or maintenance.  If you are facing divorce, a custody battle, or want to fight your alimony, contact our office at 816-524-4949 or

Losing Your Rights as a Parent

May 19th, 2015

parenting plan

A Missouri court took away the rights of a mother where she continued to lack stable housing, did not have stable employment, had issues visiting her children, tested positive for drugs, failed to update her address with the court, and did not have a nurturing ability.  In addition, the mother stated that she did not have the necessary funds to purchase the medication that one child needed.  If you are facing a custody battle or are fighting the state to keep your children, contact our office at 816-524-4949 or

Frivolous Appeals

May 15th, 2015

Be careful of your actions if you decide to appeal a court case.  A Missouri appeals court has recently ruled that a frivolous appeal by someone can warrant a court sanction against the appealing party.  In the Ampleman v. Dish Network appellate case, Mr. DIshman had to pay DIsh Network $1,500 to reimburse Dish Network for their attorney fees when Mr. Dishman’s appeal had no merit and should not have occurred.  If you are facing a trial or thinking of appealing a case, feel free to contact our law office at 816-524-4949 or visit our website at

Divorce and Fake Income

May 13th, 2015

divorce 2

During a divorce, a court can impute, or make-up, income for a person if they are unemployed or have retirement accounts.  There are very specific and complicated rules for when income should be imputed or not imputed, so if you are facing a divorce contact our office at 816-524-4949 or at

DWIs and Asking for a Lawyer

May 12th, 2015


When stopped for a DWI or DUI, if you refuse a chemical test, then you will be written up for a DUI refusal.  But, there is one exception to that rule.  Missouri law allows a driver twenty (20) minutes to contact a lawyer before being tested.  If you get pulled over and are worried about getting a DUI or DWI, contact our office at 816-514-4949 or

Making Sure You Have a Valid Parenting Plan

May 8th, 2015

parenting plan


Missouri law requires that every parenting plan involving school-aged children to address school holidays. Parenting plans also must involve a dispute resolution provision to resolve any disputes between the parents.  If you have a parenting plan that does not conform with Missouri law, or you are unhappy with your custody situation, contact our office at 816-524-4949 or

The Low-Down on Credit Scores

May 7th, 2015

credit score

Credit scores range from 350 to 850.  The higher the score, the better you look to creditors.  Your score is based on numerous factors, including: payment history, your income, the amount of total debt, past due balances, forgiven debts, lawsuits, and the length of your credit history.  Be sure to check your credit score for free, once a year, through the website  If you see an error on your credit report, contact the credit bureau to try and correct the error.

Hiding Money from the IRS Offshore

May 6th, 2015

The IRS views hiding money or assets in unreported offshore accounts as a tax scam.  However, the IRS offers an Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program to allow taxpayers to report their offshore money or assets in an attempt to avoid criminal actions taken against them.  However, the rules regarding the voluntary disclosure program can be confusing and complicated.  If you have unreported money or assets offshore, feel free to contact our law office at 816-524-4949 or