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Hoorfar Law: Courts - Belton, Missouri

Belton, Missouri


Address 7001 E. 163rd Street Belton, MO 64012
Phone 816-331-2798
Fax 816-348-4439
Hours of Operation Wednesday, 4:30 p.m.


George W. Scott and William H. Colbern purchased about 80 acres of land on August 13, 1869, from Manzey Q. Ashby of Kentucky, who had received it a month earlier from the U.S. government. Scott and Colbern filed a plat for the 80 acres in December of 1871 and called the new town Belton. Belton was incorporated in 1872. It was named for one of Scotts close friends, Captains Marcus Lindsey Belt, who helped Scott survey the land. The two had served in the Civil War together. Belton and its environs were settled largely by families from Kentucky.
Information obtained from City of Belton, Missouri

Attorney Fees

Speeding $125
Careless Driving $125
Driving While Suspended $125
Expired Tags $125
No Insurance $125
Warrant $125

Court Fines

Speeding $200 and up
No Insurance $250 Includes court cost and fines
Disorderly Conduct $185 includes court costs and fines
No Seatbelt $50
Failure to stop $200 Includes court costs and fines