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Hoorfar Law: Courts - Benton County, Missouri

Benton County, Missouri


Address P.O. Box 37 Warsaw, MO 65355
Phone 660-438-7712
Fax 660-438-5755


Benton County is an inland-border county. Inland, in that it is three counties east of Kansas and three south of the Missouri River; border, in that it lies at the point where prairie lands adjoin the foothills of the Ozark Mountains. Osage River divides it in twain. North of the river lies land in prairie stretches or long sloping hills; south of the river in precipitous bluffs, timber covered hills and mountain flatwoods. (--The State of Missouri, in 1904, Walter Williams, p. 330.)
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Attorney Fees

Speeding $125
Careless Driving $125
Driving While Suspended $125
Expired Tags $125
No Insurance $125
Warrant $125

Court Fines

Failure to be on correct side of road $228.50 court cost included