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Hoorfar Law: Courts - Cass County, Missouri

Cass County, Missouri


Address 2501 W. Mechanic Street Harrisonville, MO 64701
Phone 816-380-8227
Fax 816-380-8225


Named after Lewis Cass, a U.S. Senator from Michigan, the county was first called Van Buren County in 1835. The Harrisonville area was originally inhabited by the DHEGILHA Indians subgroup. Being of Siouan linguistic stock, the Osage, Quapaw, Omaha, Ponca and Kansa tribes comprise this subgroup. Certain it is that the few who lived here during the early settlement of the county faced many hardships, but it is equally true that they faced them fearlessly and cheerfully. At no time were the early settlers in particular danger from the Indians, and the story of the early history is for the greater part a picture of peace amidst rough surroundings.In 1818 a grant of land in southern Missouri was made to some Delawares, but it was re-ceded by them in 1825, and most of them moved to a reservation in Kansas, while others had previously gone to Texas. Those who remained in the Harrisonville area were close relatives of the Sauk, Fox and Kickapoo tribes. The First white settler on the site of modern Harrisonville was James Lackey, in 1830. Others early settlers were Humphrey Hunt, John Blythe and Dr. Joseph Hudspeth. Lackey was considered a squatter, as he built a cabin and enclosed a small field on the tract of public land taken for county seat purposes. Site of the town was fixed under an act of the Missouri General Assembly in 1835, by David Waldo of Lafayette County and Samual Hink and William Brown, both of Jackson County. In the same year, the first court met for the county, known as Van Buren County. The Justices James McClellan and William Savage, met in McClellans residence about three miles southeast of Peculiar on September 14, 1835. William Lyon was appointed clerk of the court and county government was organized , included the setting up of Grand River Township.
Information obtained from website of Cass County, Missouri

Attorney Fees

Speeding $125
Careless Driving $125
Driving While Suspended $125
Expired Tags $125
No Insurance $125
Warrant $125

Court Fines

Speeding $185 - $390
No Seatbelt $10
Driving While Suspended $250 to $272.50 includes court cost