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Hoorfar Law: Courts - Higginsville, Missouri

Higginsville, Missouri


Address 1922 Main Street Higginsville, MO 64037
Phone 816-584-2106
Fax 816-584-2953


Founded in 1869 by Harvey Higgins, the City of Higginsville is committed to the growth of its residents as both individuals and as a community. Having a strong farm heritage, its goal of balanced growth between residential and business is based on traditional values and progressive leadership.

With excellent schools, affordable housing, an outstanding park system, numerous churches, community organizations, and state of the art municipal owned electric, water and sanitary sewer systems, the more than 4600 residents enjoy a quality of life that is second to none. Strategically located approximately 50 miles east of Kansas City on I-70 and U.S. Highway 13 in the heartland of the Midwest, residents are just a short drive from the cultural, recreational and entertainment amenities of an urban area.

Information obtained from the website of the City of Higginsville, MO

Attorney Fees

Speeding $125
Careless Driving $125
Driving While Suspended $125
Expired Tags $125
No Insurance $125
Warrant $125

Court Fines

No Insurance $233.50