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Hoorfar Law: Courts - Independence, Missouri

Independence, Missouri


Address 111 E. Maple Avenue
Phone 816-325-7230


Independence has been home to many famous people including Ginger Rogers, born here in 1911, but Harry S. Truman truly put Independence on the map. Truman grew up in the area, held his first job at Clintons Drugstore, and in 1922 he was elected presiding judge of the county court. In 1934 he was elected to U.S. Senate and by 1944 he was elected as Roosevelts vice-president. On the death of Roosevelt in 1945, Truman became President and was reelected in 1948. During his eight years in office, Truman used his Independence home as a summer White House and when he returned home at the end of his term, 10,000 people met him at the train station. His library and home are now two of the biggest tourist attractions in Independence.

Today the rich heritage of Independence is featured at many attractions throughout the city. Visitors can find out more about the Santa Fe, Oregon, and many other trails at the National Frontier Trails Center. The Truman legacy is carried on at the Truman Library, The Truman Home, the courthouse and other city sites. More can be learned about the Latter Day Saints by visiting the Mormon Visitors Center and the exhibits at the RLDS world headquarters (now known as the Community of Christ International Headquarters). There is much to see and do in Independence, the historical heart of the Kansas City metropolitan area.

Information obtained from the website of the City of Independence, MO

Attorney Fees

Speeding $125
Careless Driving $125
Driving While Suspended $125
Expired Tags $125
No Insurance $125
Warrant $125

Court Fines

Speeding $225 - $500 includes court cost
No Insurance $250 includes court costs
Driving While Suspended $300 includes court costs