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Child Custody

How We Can Help

Family relationships are challenging and can be made even more difficult when children are involved. Our office can assist you through these difficult times and can assist you in obtaining the custody of your children, grandchildren, or other relatives.


Whether it is because of a divorce or a paternity case, Missouri requires a parenting plan in order to set out the custody and visitation rights for the children. The parenting plan will give each person a written guideline as to everyone's responsibilities and obligations. The parenting plan also gives each person a court document to rely on when another party is in violation of the plan.

The parenting plan sets forth the rules and guidelines for many aspects of the childrens' lives, including but not limited to their education, summer activities, school activities, health and welfare, childcare providers, religious institutions, and physical custody of the children.


Similar to Missouri, Kansas also utilitizes a parenting plan in order to set out the custody and visitation rights for the children involved in a divorce or paternity suit.

In determining the issue of child custody, residency and parenting time, Kansas courts consider all relevant factors, including but not limited to the length of time that the child has been under the actual care and control of any person other than a parent and the circumstances relating thereto, the desires of the child's parents as to custody or residency, the desires of the child as to the child's custody or residency, and the interaction and interrelationship of the child with parents.