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Hoorfar Law: What We Do - Divorce


How We Can Help

Our law office helps both husbands and wives through the divorce process. We can assist you in ending your relationship with your spouse and beginning to move forward with your life.

Divorces can range from short and sweet to long and drawn out, depending on the individuals involved and their relationship. No matter how long or short your divorce will be, our law office is here to help you and to represent your best interests.


Missouri is a no fault state, which means that no one has to show that one party is at fault in order to obtain a divorce. Instead of determining fault, a Missouri court only needs to find that there is a breakdown in the essential elements of the marriage and that there is no likelihood of saving the marriage.


In order to file for divorce in Kansas, a person must show one of the following: (1) incompatibility, (2) failure to perform a significant marital duty or obligation, or (3) mental illness or mental incapacity.

Similar to Missouri, Kansas allows a person to file for divorce when they have been a resident of Kansas for at least 60 days. In addition, Kansas is an "equitable division" state which means that the court will try and divide the marital property in an equitable fashion. Our office can assist you if you are wanting to file for divorce in Kansas.