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Guardian Ad Litem

How We Can Help

Our law office has an attorney who is able to serve as a Guardian Ad Litem for those in need of one.

General Information

Guardians ad litem are often appointed in divorce cases or in parenting time disputes to represent the interests of the minor children. Guardians ad litem are also used in other family matters involving grandparents obtaining custody or grandparenting time as well as protection orders where one parent is attempting to get an order against another party with a legal connection to the mother of the child.

The guardian ad litem's only job is to represent the minor children's best interests. This is not necessarily the same as what the child wishes. Part of that recommendation is based on the belief that each child is entitled to a safe, permanent home, whether that is with the child's parents or with an adoptive family or other permanent placement.

Guardians ad litem are also appointed in cases where there has been an allegation of child abuse, child neglect, PINS, juvenile delinquency, or dependency. In these situations, the guardian ad litem is charged to represent the best interests of the minor child which can differ from the position of the state or government agency as well as the interest of the parent or guardian.