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Hoorfar Law: What We Do - Income Taxes

Income Taxes

How We Can Help

Our law office helps people pay back, reduce, or eliminate their tax debt. Our lawyers are greatly experienced in the areas of taxation and make income tax relief one of the main areas of the law our office focuses on. Our law office helps taxpayers all over the country resolve their federal tax debts with the Internal Revenue Service. Our office also helps taxpayers in Missouri, Kansas, or Oklahoma resolve their state tax debts with the state departments of revenue.

If you are wanting to repay your tax debt in monthly payments by entering into an installment agreement or making a settlement offer on your tax debt to the Internal Revenue Service through the use of an offer in compromise, we can help.

Our office can help stop garnishments, levies, and liens. We can also help unfreeze bank accounts and savings accounts.

Or, if you have a meeting with a Revenue Officer or other tax collector and you would like to put someone knowledgeable who will fight for you, our office can help. We also help taxpayers with federal and state tax audits.

Federal Income Taxes

One way that a person can pay off their income tax debt is in monthly payments through an installment agreement. This payment option is generally used by taxpayers who cannot afford to immediately pay their tax debt in full. Depending on the circumstances and the amount of time that the Internal Revenue Service has left to collect the tax debt, an installment agreement can be used to pay all or part of a taxpayer's tax liability.

Another way that a person can pay off their income tax debt is to make a settlement offer to the Internal Revenue Service through an offer in compromise. An offer in compromise allows taxpayers that cannot afford to full pay their back tax liability the opportunity to settle for less than what they owe. However, not everyone qualifies for an offer in compromise, as each person's financial situation is different. This means that qualifying for an offer in compromise can be difficult and may require the use of a tax professional.

State Income Taxes

In addition to federal tax obligations, taxpayers often also have a state tax obligation.

Unlike the Internal Revenue Service, the departments of revenue for the states of Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma do not offer the wide number of payment alternatives available to taxpayers with the federal government. However, the states of Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma have their own set of income tax rules, regulations, and standards and offer some payment arrangements for state taxpayers.

In order to better determine your income tax solutions, contact our law office as soon as possible. The tax collection departments of the federal government and state government have people working for their side, and so should you.