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Picking a State to Determine Custody

March 31st, 2016

custody 4

Missouri law states that only the courts of the home state can determine custody arrangements.  If you are facing a custody battle and you need assistance determining your home state or assistance in court, contact our office at 816-524-4949 or

Sex with an HIV-Positive Person can be a Crime

March 30th, 2016

Missouri law states that an HIV-positive person cannot have sexual contact with any person who does not know that they are an HIV-positive person.  The only exception to this rule is if the HIV-positive person communicates that they are HIV-positive, and the other sexual partner then consents to engage in the sexual contact.

If you have been in contact with an HIV-positive person and you believe it to be unlawful, contact our law office at 816-524-4949 or

Kansas DUIs

March 29th, 2016

DUI kansas

Kansas courts have stated that police officers do not have legal grounds to obtain a search warrant to draw a driver’s blood to do a DUI or DWI test.  However, if you agree to do a take a breathalyzer based upon police misinformation, the information can still be used against you.  If you are facing a DUI or DWI in Kansas, contact our office at 816-514-4949 or

Stolen Identity on your Tax Return

March 28th, 2016


More than 80% of Americans file their income tax returns after April 1.  However, if you do not file early, you leave the potential for an identity thief to file a fraudulent tax return in your name, claiming a big refund.  If your name or Social Security Number has been used to file a fraudulent return, you may need to send Form 14039 to the IRS.  You may also want to file a claim with identity

If you need assistance filing your income tax return, contact our law office at 816-524-4949 or visit our website at

No Protection for Homosexuals

March 25th, 2016


The Missouri Human Rights Act bars discrimination against gender-based discrimination.  However, the Missouri Human Rights Act does not protect people against discrimination based upon their sexual orientation.

If you believe you are the victim of discrimination and would like some assistance, contact our law office at 816-524-4949 or

Rights of a Business Partner

March 24th, 2016

business partner

Missouri law allows a business partner to request an accounting in order to account for the business money.  However, the law does not provide the right of an accounting to a former partner.  If you experiencing issues with your business or with a business partner, contact our office at or 816-524-4949.

Pleading Insanity

March 23rd, 2016


In Missouri, only the defendant in a case can plead the defense of insanity when charged with a crime.  In order to plead insanity, the defendant must be evaluated by a licensed physician.  If the defendant is found insane, the defendant will be committed to a psychiatric ward instead of going to jail or going through the remainder of the trial.

If you have been charged with a crime and need legal assistance, contact our law office at 816-524-4949 or

Criminal Bad Checks

March 22nd, 2016

bad check

A Missouri court has ruled that in order for a person to be charged with the crime of writing a bad check, the Prosecution must notify the person that the check bounced by the service of a summons, service of a warrant, or a letter sent to the person.

If you have been charged with a crime and need legal help, contact our law office at 816-524-4949 or

Judgments By Mistake

March 17th, 2016


Missouri courts allow a defendant to re-open a lawsuit and undo a judgment if the defendant made a mistake that caused the judgment to exist.  The courts define a mistake as a misunderstanding of the truth, but without negligence, and includes going to the wrong courtroom when the courthouse is under construction.

If you have a judgment against you and would like to speak with an attorney, contact our law office at 816-524-4949 or visit our website at

Going to Jail for Child Support

March 16th, 2016

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Missouri courts have been known to throw someone in jail for not paying their court-ordered child support.  In determining whether to throw the person in jail, the court must look at the person’s education and past income-earning potential.

If you have a child support issue and want an attorney to assist you, contact our law office at 816-524-4949 or visit our website at