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“Letting the fire department torch your house doesn’t qualify for a write off,”

the Tax Court says to a couple who allowed their local fire department to burn down the home on property they had just bought. After the training exercise, the couple built a custom home on the parcel.   A majority of … Continue reading

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Marketing Overload; No Wonder Bankruptcy Attorneys are Overwhelmed

There are 1000’s of marketing options, and everyone that approaches you has an agenda. Here is why we feel overwhelmed; here is a “short” list of potential marketing options and tools. Bankruptcy Beagle is here to help you cut through … Continue reading

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Number of individual bankruptcy filings drop

It’s called the “10 year mistake” by credit counseling services. Financial advisors say to avoid it at all costs. But, according to the American Bankruptcy Institute, filing for bankruptcy was unavoidable for 1.46 million individuals and 36,000 businesses in 2011. … Continue reading

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2011 Report Details Consumer Bankruptcy Filings

A 2011 statistical report on debtors with primarily consumer debt filing for bankruptcy shows an 11 percent drop in case filings, a 23 percent drop in filer assets, a 25 percent drop in filer liabilities and a 28 percent incidence … Continue reading

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