Tough Mudder Creditors Try to Pit the Race Company into Bankruptcy

Tough Mudder Inc. creditors are attempting to push the organizer of extreme obstacle races into bankruptcy over $855,000 that they say the company owes them, Bloomberg News reported. The firm is facing claims from Valley Builders LLC, Trademarc Associates Inc. and David Watkins Homes Inc., all of which provide general contractor or building services. The trio filed an involuntary petition for Chapter 11 in Delaware, court papers show.

Tough Mudder was founded in 2009 by Guy Livingstone and William Dean, according to a pending breach of contract lawsuit filed by Livingstone. Signs of distress have plagued Tough Mudder – losing money every year except for 2015.

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Sharps Rifle Company Pulls Trigger on Bankruptcy

Sharps Rifle Company has filed for bankruptcy with the Wyoming District U.S. Bankruptcy Court. The Sharps bankruptcy filing shows that Sharps has been struggling for quite a while now, and with only one current employee, is further evidence that the company has been struggling for some time. In 2019 Sharps only brought in $578,000.

The documents filed with the Bankruptcy court reveal that the Sharps rifle company owes more than $4 million. $835,986 is from a judgment brought against Sharps for fraud and intellectual property violations. Some of the debts are as high as $2 million for items such as advertising, equipment, and liquid capital.

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Good Behavior for Expungement Counts Back from Filing

To expunge a conviction, the statutes provide offenses can be eligible after passage of a specified period without a felony or misdemeanor. Some individuals with misdemeanor convictions can file petitions after three years and those with felonies, after seven years.

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Missouri Attorney General Announces Top 10 Consumer Complaints Of 2019

In 2019, the Missouri Attorney General’s Office received 111,530 consumer complaints. The Consumer Complaint Unit received 67,964 complaints and the No-Call Unit received 43,566 complaints.

Here are the top 10 consumer complaints:

1.   No-Call Complaints – 43,566 complaints were from consumers regarding No-Call violations and illegal telemarketing calls despite being signed up with the Missouri no-call list. Complaints include phone calls to residents by businesses or organizations soliciting the purchase of goods or services.

2.   Solicitations/Publications/Subscriptions – 2,171 complaints were from consumers regarding mail and phone solicitations for publications and subscriptions. These complaints generally involve the receipt of mail and phone solicitations regarding sweepstakes, lottery, and other solicitation scams.

3.   Financial – 1,503 complaints were from consumers regarding disputes with financial institutions, debt collection companies and credit repair services. Financial complaints involve loan servicing, foreclosures, debt collection, and other products, services, and practices by banks, mortgage companies, debt collectors, and other financial institutions and service providers.

4.   Automotive – 1,500 complaints from consumers regarded automobiles, automotive dealers, and automotive repair shops. Automotive complaints often involve failure to deliver titles in a timely manner from the dealership. Other complaints involve shoddy repair work and service issues.

5.   Retail/Wholesale – 1,210 complaints from consumers were retail and wholesale companies.  Most of the complaints involved purchases made through the internet, telephone, or mail and involved late deliveries or products that were never delivered. Other complaints involved the purchases of appliances, furniture, and other items with warranty problems, that were defective, or that did not work as advertised. Other retail-related complaints included issues with rebates, coupons, and gift cards.

6.   Communications/Technology/Online Services – 1,144 complaints from consumers were regarding communications, technology and online services. Many complaints related to telephone cramming and billing practices where consumers received a phone bill for services that they did not order or were charged unauthorized fees on their telephone bill. This also includes billing disputes and misleading promotions.

7.   Real Estate and Construction – 1,136 complaints from consumers were regarding home repair, construction, and real estate. These types of complaints involve storm chasers going door-to-door asking for money up front and providing little to no work, contractors who accept upfront fees and do not provide any of the work, shoddy workmanship, and/or fail to honor home warranties.

8.   Timeshares/Travel Clubs – 985 complaints from consumers were regarding timeshare exit companies, time share companies and travel clubs. Complaints involved allegations that companies promised to resell timeshares and failed to do so, that companies failed to provide deeds for time shares that consumers purchased, and that companies charged undisclosed fees or unexpectedly and continuously increased fees for maintenance and other related services. Complaints also involved the sale of travel club memberships that promised discounts, opportunities, or services that were worthless or far less than promised.

9.   Health – 747 health-related complaints from consumers involved healthcare industry complaints, including billing issues regarding hospitals and doctor visits, supplemental purchases, and disputes regarding health insurance payments.

10.  Identity Theft – The 504 complaints from consumers regarding Identity include when someone takes your personal information such as your Social Security number, date of birth, credit card number, or bank account information and uses it to commit fraud, then you can become a victim of identity theft.

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University of Phoenix Cancels $141 Million in Debt for ‘Deceptive’ Ads

The for-profit school, University of Phoenix, agreed to a $191 million settlement after it lured students by advertising employer partnerships that did not exist, the Federal Trade Commission said.

The school’s deceptions affected students who enrolled between October 2012 and December 2016. The fabrication targeted students interested in A-list companies like Microsoft and Twitter thought a marketing campaign set out by the school.

The University of Phoenix admits to wrongdoing under the settlement and will pay a $50 million penalty to the F.T.C. and cancel $141 million in debts accrued by student who enrolled during the affected years.

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Express is closing 31 stores. Is your location on the list of closures?

The stores are closing as part of the fashion retailer’s “fleet rationalization,” after an abysmal holiday season. Express officials announced 100 closures overall. 31 Stores have closed since this blog post, and another 35 stores will close by the end of January 2021 and the rest by 2022. The company recently closed forty stores.

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Wells Fargo Ex-CEO Banned in Fake-Account Scandal

A regulator barred former Wells Fargo chief executive John Stumpf from the banking industry and fined him $17.5 million over the firm’s fake-accounts scandal, an extraordinary sanction for a top executive at a large bank, Wall Street Journal Reported.

Mr. Stumpf reached a settlement with the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency which included an agreement to the lifetime ban.  The sanctions against Mr. Stumpf haven’t been seen in recent years. During the economic crisis of 2008, banks paid tens of billions of dollars in fines for misconduct, but due to lack of charges against individuals, onlookers criticized the enforcement efforts.

On the surface of Mr. Stumpf’s tenure, Wells Fargo seemed to have escaped the financial crisis largely unscathed. But after it became public that an aggressive sales culture led employees to open millions of possibly fake accounts, that reputation was left stained. Employees submitted many complaints about pervasive pressure and illegal sales activity to Mr. Stumpf’s office, but he didn’t respond to them, the agency said.

The fake-accounts scandal came into public view when the OCC, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the Los Angeles City Attorney’s office sanctioned Wells Fargo in September 2016.

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PayPal Squares Up with U.S. Regulator Over New Prepaid-Card Rule

PayPal Holdings sued federal banking regulators alleging that its new rule has hampered the company’s ability to offer credit products and has created confusion among users of its popular digital-payment services PayPal and Venmo with a new regulation on prepaid accounts that was rolled out by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) in April of 2019.

The rule’s primary aim is to improve protections for consumers on prepaid payment cards. A side effect of the rule is it also extends to any financial products capable of holding cash balances directly on cards or electronic devices, better known as “digital wallets.”

As a result, the rule umbrellas digital-payment tools such as PayPal, Venmo, Alphabet Inc.’s Google Pay, and Square Inc.’s Cash App. Even though digital wallets are fundamentally different from prepaid cards, which are often sold at grocery and drugstores. Apple Cash comes under the rule’s oversight, while Apple Pay, which doesn’t store money, does not.

The regulation instills complex requirements on issuers to disclose fees and other terms of services, while placing limits on their ability to offer credit products to customers.

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Former NFL Players Fraud Scheme Picked Off

The Justice Department charged 10 former NFL players with defrauding a health-care program for retired players of nearly $4 million. Among them a group the Justice Department filed charges against are Robert McCune, John Eubanks, Tamarick Vanover, Ceandris Brown, James Butler, Frederick Bennett, Correll Buckhalter, Etric Pruitt, Clinton Portis and Rogers.

The charges for the 10 players vary by individual but include conspiracy to commit health-care wire fraud, wire fraud and health-care fraud. Portis was charged with all three and could face up to 50 years max in federal prison.

The players allegedly submitted false claims to the Gene Upshaw NFL Player Health Reimbursement Account Plan for reimbursement for medical equipment costing between $40,000 and $50,000. According to the indictments, the players fabricated documents, including invoices and prescriptions, to execute the plan, reported The Washington Post.

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What is Felony Murder

Felony murder occurs when there is a felony offense in which a homicide, or death, occurs. 

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