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Former Rep. Katie Hill Files for Bankruptcy after Unsuccessful Lawsuit

Former Representative Katie Hill (D-California), who owes hundreds of thousands of dollars to media parties she unsuccessfully sued over the publication of indecent photos while she was in office, has filed for bankruptcy. If successful, this could allow Hill to … Continue reading

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Girl Scouts Lose Trademark Lawsuit Over Boy Scouts Marketing

A federal judge ruled that the Boy Scouts of America didn’t infringe on the Girl Scouts of the USA’s trademarks, saying the girls-only group failed to show any confusion from the Boy Scouts’ efforts to recruit girls into coed programming. … Continue reading

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Native American Tribes Reach $590 Million Opioid Settlement

More than 400 tribes and tribal organizations accused the prescription drug industry’s largest players of purposely flooding their communities with highly addictive opioids, causing overdose deaths and health care costs to skyrocket. The settlement is with Johnson & Johnson and … Continue reading

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CFPB Sues United Holding Group, Its Affiliates, and Its Owners for Illegal Debt Collection Practices

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has sued United Debt Holding (UDH), JTM Capital Management (JTM), United Holding Group (UHG), and their owners, Craig Manseth, Jacob Adamo, and Darren Turco, for illegal debt-collection practices, according to a CFPB press release. … Continue reading

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Trump Sues Niece, NY Times Over Records Behind ’18 Tax Story

Former President Donald Trump sued his estranged niece and The New York Times over a 2018 story about his family’s wealth and tax practices that was partly based on confidential documents she provided to the newspaper’s reporters, according to the Associated Press. … Continue reading

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LeClairRyan Founder Likely to Be Named in Lawsuit Over Firm’s Bankruptcy

Gary LeClair, founder of LeClairRyan, is expected to be revealed as an additional defendant in the $128 million lawsuit targeting UnitedLex over its role in the firm’s bankruptcy. U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Kevin R. Huennekens ruled to allow chapter 7 trustee … Continue reading

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Triple Damages and Attorney Fee for Removal of Fixtures

In 2016, Landlord and Tenant were unable to negotiate an extension to their lease. Tenant then retained a third party to remove permanent light fixtures from the property. Tenant promised the third party that they could keep or dispose of … Continue reading

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Judicial Immunity Affirmed by Missouri Court of Appeals

Doris Jean Stalnacker sued Judge David Dolan for false imprisonment, seeking $2M in damages. Judge Dolan had presided over a criminal case as a circuit court judge where Stalnacker was charged and placed on probation. Judge Dolan revoked Stalnacker’s probation, … Continue reading

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Tough Mudder Creditors Try to Pit the Race Company into Bankruptcy

Tough Mudder Inc. creditors are attempting to push the organizer of extreme obstacle races into bankruptcy over $855,000 that they say the company owes them, Bloomberg News reported. The firm is facing claims from Valley Builders LLC, Trademarc Associates Inc. … Continue reading

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PayPal Squares Up with U.S. Regulator Over New Prepaid-Card Rule

PayPal Holdings sued federal banking regulators alleging that its new rule has hampered the company’s ability to offer credit products and has created confusion among users of its popular digital-payment services PayPal and Venmo with a new regulation on prepaid … Continue reading

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