LeClairRyan Founder Likely to Be Named in Lawsuit Over Firm’s Bankruptcy

Gary LeClair, founder of LeClairRyan, is expected to be revealed as an additional defendant in the $128 million lawsuit targeting UnitedLex over its role in the firm’s bankruptcy. U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Kevin R. Huennekens ruled to allow chapter 7 trustee to make an amendment to her complaint. Chapter 7 trustee, Lynn Tavenner, is seeking to hold an unnamed attorney partially responsible for the failure of the firm’s joint venture with UnitedLex. Tavenner claims that the individual played an integral part in the New Law provider’s “scheme to loot [LeClairRyan] of its valuable assets.” Although this individual remains unnamed, their counsel filed a notice of appearance earlier this month indicating LeClair was their client. Tavenner alleges that UnitedLex’s actions, including putting nonlawyers in control of the firm’s affairs and prioritizing payment to UnitedLex over the firm’s other financial obligations, cost the law firm at least $41.7 million. She is seeking treble damages.

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