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Most retirees must take required minimum distributions by Dec. 31

The Internal Revenue Service reminds retirement plan participants and individual retirement account owners that payments, called required minimum distributions, must usually be taken by Dec. 31. Required minimum distributions (RMDs) generally are minimum amounts that retirement plan account owners must … Continue reading

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No Showing of Ineffective Counsel Over Transgender Identification

In an action for confinement as a sexually violent predator, appellant had the right to effective trial counsel, but challenging the judgment requires appellant to advance a theory to the Court of Appeals. The theory might be “the meaningful-hearing standard … Continue reading

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Bankruptcy Filings Continue to Fall Sharply

Personal and business bankruptcy filings fell 29.1 percent for the 12-month period ending Sept. 30, 2021. A steady decline in filings has continued since the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis began.   Business filings fell 27.9 percent, from 22,391 to 16,140 in … Continue reading

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U.S. Gave $3.7 Billion in Relief to Likely Ineligible Businesses, Auditor Finds

A rushed emergency aid program for small businesses affected by the pandemic improperly sent nearly $3.7 billion to recipients prohibited from receiving federal funds, according to a government audit. The Small Business Administration’s Economic Injury Disaster Loan program distributed more … Continue reading

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Credit-Card Applications Hit Pandemic High

Americans are applying for credit cards at a rate not seen since before the pandemic. Nearly 27% of U.S. consumers said in October that they had applied for a credit card in the past 12 months, which is a sharp … Continue reading

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No Benefits on Losing Second Job

Multiple sources establish 40 hours per week as full-time employment, which claimant had with her first job, so the loss of a second job was irrelevant to any provision for employment security benefits. (Overview Summary) Della Scheumbauer, Claimant/Appellant, vs. City … Continue reading

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IRS announces changes to retirement plans for 2022

Next year taxpayers can put an extra $1,000 into their 401(k) plans. The IRS recently announced that the 2022 contribution limit for 401(k) plans will increase to $20,500. The agency also announced cost‑of‑living adjustments that may affect pension plan and … Continue reading

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Business Records Were Not Hearsay

Hearsay is an out-of-court statement offered for the truth of the matter stated. On charges of stealing, the State offered rental records to show how property manager stole money, so the records were not hearsay. And, even if they were, the … Continue reading

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Service by Publication Sufficient

“Insofar as such a proceeding affects status only, the action [for dissolution of marriage] is in rem or quasi-in-rem and requires only that the res be before the court upon proper notice” to the parties. Notice to a party by publication is sufficient only when that … Continue reading

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Here’s how businesses can deduct startup costs from their federal taxes

When starting a business, owners should treat all eligible costs incurred before beginning to operate the business as capital expenditures that are part of their basis in the business. Generally, the business can recover costs for assets through depreciation deductions. … Continue reading

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