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CFPB Bans BrightSpeed Solutions and Its Former CEO for Supporting Telemarketing Scammers Targeting Older Americans

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) filed a proposed final judgement and order with a federal district court that, if entered by the court, would resolve a March 2021 lawsuit brought by the CFPB against BrightSpeed Solutions and its founder … Continue reading

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Cryptocurrency-Based Crime Hit a Record $14 Billion in 2021

The dollar amount collected through cryptocurrency-based crime hit a record high in 2021, as the volume of cryptocurrency transactions overall grew into tens of trillions of dollars, according to blockchain data platform Chainalysis Inc. However, the volume of illicit activities … Continue reading

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Americans Out Sick Because of COVID-19 Surges to Record 8.8 Million

About 6 percent of the U.S. workforce, nearly 9 million Americans are out sick due to a recent surge in COVID-19 cases. Between December 29 and January 10, 8.8 million people told the Census Bureau that they were not working … Continue reading

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January 31 wage statement deadline reminder for employers

The Internal Revenue Service urged employers to be aware of the January deadline to file Forms W-2 and other wage statements. Filing these documents timely helps employers avoid penalties and helps the IRS in fraud prevention. A 2015 law made … Continue reading

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Former AME Zion Church Leaders Charged with $14 Million Fraud

Charged with defrauding California congregations by mortgaging their properties, Staccato Powell of Wake Forest, NC, and Sheila Quintana of Vallejo, CA obtained $14 million in loans that were used for personal expenses. The pair were named in a federal indictment … Continue reading

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Judgment of Unlawful Detainer Affirmed

Unlawful detainer statute does not address title, only immediate possession as against unlawful occupants, foreclosed mortgagees, and holdover employees or tenants. Respondent established that appellants were tenants, by proving that respondent let appellants occupy property in exchange for appellants’ services, … Continue reading

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Objections Are a Strategic Choice

“There are countless ways to provide effective assistance in any given case.” Among those ways are the strategic choices of objecting or not objecting to the State’s questioning. When defendant is doing well under questioning, an objection may undercut the … Continue reading

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Ouster from LLC Results in Damages

Statutes governing a limited liability company set forth the rights of an expelled member, which no provision in the parties’ operating agreement altered only by adding specified payments. But nothing showed that those payments were in lieu of rights under … Continue reading

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Verified Petition Does Not Establish Material Fact

Adverse possession is difficult to prove by summary judgment because the parties’ intentions are so great a part of that theory. The element of actual possession includes actual control and the intent to exclude all other persons. Conclusory assertions do … Continue reading

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Plea Offer Not Confidential

A plea offer is not a confidential or privileged communication, so plea counsel violated no rule of professional conduct in contacting movant’s parents for their help in persuading movant to take the plea offer. The motion alleges that movant would … Continue reading

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