Essential Terms for a Commercial Lease

commercial lease

If you are a landlord or a tenant of a commercial space and are not familiar with commercial leases, here are a list of important terms that every commercial lease should include:

  1. Description of the Premises – It is important to ensure what exactly you are renting.
  2. Use – Make sure you can use the property how you want.
  3. Base Rent – This is the amount of rent, usually given in a per-square-foot amount.
  4. Additional Rents – Pay attention to ownership costs, maintenance costs, and property taxes.
  5. Security Deposits – The amount you need to put up front in order to lease the property.
  6. Letters of Credit – A letter from your bank telling the landlord you have sufficient funds to pay your rent.
  7. Guarantees – Usually makes the individual owner of the tenant business personally liable for any rent due.
  8. Assignment – This discusses a tenant’s ability to pass the lease off to someone else.

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