How to Help Your Business Survive the Lazy Days of Summer

lazy summer

When summertime rolls around, things around the office can tend to slow down. Instead of giving in to the vacations and the lazy haze of summer, take this time to tackle a couple of these tips.

1: Make your website mobile device friendly! 40% of people use their phone as their preferred method of surfing the internet, which means your site needs to work when people go to view it on a mobile device.

2: Create time for your top clients and top prospects. When you are at its busiest, it’s harder to develop any new relationships or strengthen current relationships with current clients. Reach out to these clients during this lull to create new opportunities.

3: Update your marketing materials. While it is wise to wait to spend the bulk of your marketing budget after vacation season is over, it is never too early to plan! Review your current brand and marketing strategies to determine where any gaps may be.

4: Tackle a long-term project. Everyone has something on their to-do list that sits there for a little longer than it should. Use the summertime break to finally tackle that project. From finally cleaning out that scary filing cabinet or researching that new business opportunity, attempting that project will make you feel better and help your business run just a bit smoother! If you need help with your business, contact our office at 816-524-4949 or check out our website at

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