Murder Suicide Provoked by Divorce

On June 20th in Cartersville, Georgia, an attorney lost his life to gunshot wounds inflicted from a client’s ex-husband.

Antonio Mari, attorney at law, was found dead in his office by police. Mari had represented Walter Radford’s ex-wife in her divorce; Radford called his ex-wife around 1:30pm to tell her he had just murdered Mari.

Police later the same day, located the pick-up truck that Radford had used as the getaway vehicle, parked outside the ex-wife’s house. When approaching the home police noticed it had been forcibly entered through the back door. They found Mr. Radford’s body with a self inflicted gunshot wound.

Antonio Mari was a respected school teacher for many years, as well as an admired attorney within his private practice. The community of Cartersville is mourning the loss.

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