Washington County businessman gets prison in tax, bankruptcy, unemployment schemes

A judge has sent Washington County business owner George Retos Jr., 71, to federal prison for a year and a day for conspiracy to defraud the IRS and filing a false bankruptcy declaration in connection with his companies, reported by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. The owner of Prime Plastics and Plastic Power in Washington, Pa., also received a two-year probationary term when he gets out via U.S. District Judge Arthur Schwab. In addition to the IRS and bankruptcy frauds, he accepted responsibility for a wire fraud charge in another scheme to fleece the Pennsylvania unemployment compensation system. He did not plead to that charge, but in federal court defendants acknowledge the conduct described in additional counts even if they don’t plead, which can then be used at sentencing. Retos and a person only identified as N.R. in the court records, the nominal president of Plastic Power acting solely at Retos’ direction, failed to pay the IRS payroll and employer taxes for the two plastics companies. Retos has a long history of tangling with the IRS dating back to the 1990s.

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