Contract Lawyer Suspended for Overcharging Public Defender

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Lawyer, Jennifer Meyer, has been suspended for the overcharging of a public defender’s legal services and car mileage. The agency was billed for more than 24 hours a day on 30 different days. She also copied repayment requests for mileage but assigned them to numerous clients 147 times. This report came back after a thorough review going back as far as 4 years.

In Jennifer’s defense, she stated her secretary, who often worked alongside her, could have potentially made errors when billing for a letter or document on the day it was mailed out. Before this line of defense, Meyer claimed that she was entitled to payment for the work that she has done, despite the inaccuracy of billing.

After further investigation, Jennifer Meyer took an Alford plea criminal charge of third-degree theft by deception. This means she still considers herself innocent but admits, with evidence, it would likely prove her to be guilty if brought to trial.  A division of the Iowa Supreme Court grievance commission only recommended a 60-day suspension, but the Supreme Court of Iowa said that was too low. She is now required to pay $103,000 in restitution and given a probation sentence of 2 years. 

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