Former Prosecutor May Face Charges

A former prosecutor, Jeanne Lippert, from Erie County may be facing charges after her bankruptcy case was reopened. Jeanne filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in January of this year. The federal government wants to reopen because of accusations of “false oaths and concealments.” Two weeks prior, Lippert was fired for pending criminal proceeding and for filing for unemployment benefits while still employed at the prosecutor’s office.

Two weeks later, a motion was filed by an attorney with the US Trustee’s office to reopen the bankruptcy case after learning about the “flaws” of the filing. However, a specific motion was filed by the US Department of Justice attorney Derrick Rippy and US Trustee Andrew Vara with claims of the following:

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  • Jeanne wrongly said she did not own any property
  • Jeanne was receiving income from a part-time job but did not reveal that in bankruptcy filing
  • Jeanne listed her residence as being bigger than it truly is
  • Falsely claimed she lived separate from her husband Chief Bob Lippert of Huron – also did not reveal his income

Jeanne received a grant of discharge for the debt which mean no action can be taken from anyone on the debt per court documents. Though, the US Trustee’s office is trying to revoke the discharge. The judge who is handling the case is Judge Gustafson and as of currently, there are no rulings on the US Trustee’s motion.

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