Small Business Loan Program gets Extension from Trump

Small Business Loan Application Lies On The Table. Next To Pen ...

Recently, the deadline for the Paycheck Protection Program was extended by the signing of a bill by the President. Due to numbers not adding up, as far as those who qualify for the PPP loan, some have yet to apple according to reports made last week. The prompted the President to extend through August 8th. This loan is for businesses to take care of payroll, rent, hold the company over for at least 2 months and if 60% is used, the loan will be forgiven. The programs promoter say that the objective is to help those small businesses who are affected by the pandemic and those who will be in the next several months if not already.

After receiving criticism, the Senator of Florida, Marco Rubio assures the intent is for more help for the small businesses and especially for those in our inadequately serviced communities.

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