Eviction Moratorium To End This Week

The Federal Eviction Moratorium that was put in place for tenants in late March, has come to an end. With moratorium expiring, landlords are given the greenlight to proceed with action for their delinquent tenants. This means, the property-owners are required to give notice of 30 days and then carry on with the filing of eviction paperwork. Not only is   the moratorium ending, the enhanced unemployment benefits are also coming to an end putting pressure on those who were just barely making it already.

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Experts say, this will one of the hardest setbacks to come back from all due to the pandemic. Senator, Kamala Harris of California, revealed a proposal that would ban evictions and foreclosures up to a year. This gives the tenants up to a year and a half to pay back any missed payments. However, a system passed by the House called, The Emergency Rental Assistance Program is designed to support renters at the lowest income levels for up to 2 years.

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