Jackson County, Missouri Issues New Order about Bond and Release procedures

IT IS HEREBY ORDERED, effective immediately and continuing until November 30, 2020, as follows: 1. Any defendant arrested on a warrant who is to be delivered to the JCDC with any of the following bonds/bond amounts: A. $5,000.00/10% or any lesser amount; B. $5,000.00/secured or any lesser amount; C. $5,000.00/10%/secured or any lesser amount; D. Cash only bond of $500.00 or any lesser amount; shall be released on their own recognizance (ROR) with the monetary bond amount to be the same as set forth in the bond documents (for example, $5,000.00 ROR). 2. Any additional conditions of release shall apply and be communicated to the defendant. 3. Notwithstanding any return date on the bond, the defendant shall be given a next court date approximately thirty (30) days from the release, on the day and time indicated on the warrant, with said date to be determined by the judicial officer/division in which the defendant’s case is pending and with said date to be communicated to said defendant prior to said defendant’s release on his/her own recognizance. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that any law enforcement agency arresting a defendant on such warrant is authorized to release any defendant on the terms set forth above without transporting said defendant to the JCDC

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