U.S. Railroad Amtrak Warns of 2,400 Additional Job Losses Without New Bailout

U.S. government-supported passenger railroad Amtrak said that without a new bailout it could be forced to cut more spending and train services, which could lead to the loss of another 2,400 jobs. In November, Amtrak told Congress it needs up to $4.9 billion in government funding for the current budget year. The railroad, which already cut 2,000 jobs, said that without more support from Congress, reduced spending would result in the loss of another 775 jobs, and further reductions in train service by state partners would likely result in an additional 1,625 job losses. Without the new funding, Amtrak chief executive Bill Flynn said, “We will be unable to avoid more drastic impacts that could have long lasting effects on our Northeast Corridor infrastructure and the national rail system.” 

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