Order of Protection Was Not Supported by Sufficient Evidence of Stalking

L.M.M. filed a petition against J.L.G., the sister of L.M.M.’s boyfriend. L.M.M. accused J.L.G. of coercing, stalking, and harassing her. In addition to J.L.G. texting L.L.M up to seventy-five times a day, J.L.G. would call her employer making false accusations against her. The Missouri Adult Abuse Act allows an adult to seek an order of protection. However, the petitioner must present sufficient evidence that they fear physical harm. In this case, L.M.M. claimed that she would be harmed if the harassment were to continue, and she lost her job. Ultimately, the Missouri Court of Appeals-Eastern District declared that L.M.M. should not have been granted an order of protection since a reasonable person would not fear physical harm in the given circumstance.

L.M.M. v. J.L.G.

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