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Plea Agreements

Here is some basic information from the Missouri Bar regarding plea agreements: What is a Plea Agreement? Sometimes the prosecutor and your lawyer negotiate an agreement to settle your case without a trial. If you agree to plead guilty to … Continue reading

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Miranda Rights

Here are a few tips, courtesy of the Missouri Bar, regarding your Miranda Rights: What Are Your “Miranda” Rights? The name “Miranda” comes from a case decided by the United States Supreme Court. The Court’s decision requires the police to … Continue reading

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Your Parenting Plan Must Address Holidays

Missouri law requires that every parenting plan address holidays and other special occasions.  If your parenting plan does not address holidays, your parenting plan is in violation of Missouri law and may need to be redone. If you need assistance … Continue reading

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Employers Must Withhold Child Support from your Paycheck

Federal law and Missouri law requires any employer who is served with an order from a state agency to withhold amounts from the employee for child support.  If an employer fails to comply with this requirement, the employer can be … Continue reading

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Ways to Pay

There are a few different ways to pay the IRS. The IRS Direct Pay allows you to have your tax bill deducted directly out of your checking or savings account.  There is no charge for this option. The IRS also … Continue reading

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