IRS Letter CP2000 Explanation

What is it?

If the IRS detects a discrepancy between your return and your records, you will receive a letter in the mail proposing changes to your return. It is NOT an audit, but just a letter to inform you of the discrepancy.

What do you do if you receive one?

Read the notice carefully and compare your return to their proposed changes. If you agree with the changes, check the ‘agree’ box, sign and date it; mail it in using the enclosed envelope. If you do NOT agree to one or all of the proposed changes, still return the form by the due date; enclose a statement regarding why you do not agree to the changes, include copies of supporting documents. Also, check the ‘I do not agree’ box.

What else should you know?

You will be sent a revised CP2000 if you did not support your denial well enough or if there are still unresolved problems. If you fail to reply in time you will be sent a CP3219A for further action. If you cannot meet the due date call the IRS and ask for more time.

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